Archery one of a royal games and a famous recreational activity is the art of using arrows with the help of bow. In past it has been used for hunting, now a day it is a recreational activity. Farshad farivar talks about the way this activity became popular now a days. Farshad farivar says that archery is a recreational activity that includes usage of two things one is bow and other is arrow.

For bow, Farshad farivar says that it has great variety in its construction. The bow used for executing this activity consists of a string attached to elastic limbs that store mechanical energy imparted by archer or bowman. Bow itself is of two types one is which is drawn by string directly and other that uses a mechanical to pull the string. For arrow, Farshad Farivar informs that this equipment that is used for carrying out this activity consist a shaft with an arrow head in front and fletching & notch on the other end. Shaft used in this activity is made of composite material and on the other head arrow head is made up of hard material, whereas fletching is made up of bird feathers. Fletching can be of two types. It can be either parabolic or shield for better flight path and stabilizing spin.

  Archery is an activity that needs proper usage of proper equipment under proper guidance. Farshad Farivar introduces states different and various protective equipments like Arm Guard (Arm guard is worn for two reasons. First is to protect inside of the forearm and second is to stop clothing getting in the way of using bow and arrow), Finger Tab (Finger Tab is worn to protect the first and second finger against reaction from string), Thumb Ring (Thumb Ring protects the inner pad on the thumb against the strain from bowstring) Chest guard (Chest guard is worn to protect the chest from bowstring reaction).

Farshad farivar introduces the basic shooting techniques starting from Stance (in this technique you have to stand relaxed and parallel to target), Grip (you need to have a gentle grip on the bow handle), Finger position (you should position the string in the first three finger under the arrow and slide up until there is no gap), Aiming (this involves raising of the stretched arm to the target level), Drawing the bow(in a very smooth motion you have to draw the bow string back to the side of your face and you have to keep your bow arm levelled with the target), Anchoring (This is a main key to success. In order to gain accuracy you have to pull string fully back to your face and use top of your hand to feel comfortable in order to tag the target.) And finally loosing (in this you let the arrow go and hit the target.)

Lastly Farshad Farivar talks about follow through. Everything remains same except one thing that your drawing hand will be moving back slightly upon loosing the arrows.